5 Unknown Fact About India

Today I want to tell you something about my India, India is a very peaceful country, India is known for its culture, the design of clothes here is famous all over the world, many tourists come here and explore different places in india .The history of India , that is also very old, India has such a big history, but today I will tell you 5 fact about india


fact about india , amazing fact about india
fact about india

fact about india : Chess which is called the most mind blowing game , is famous all over the world. Chess used to be game played by the kings , but in today time , if you have complete knowledge about it . then you can also play this game. Chess is that game which is played internationally , but you become wonder when i tell you the advantages of playing chess. It sharpens the memory , it also improve the planning skills , helps in ADHD , elevates creativity , help to more focused. ,But question is that who made such a great game , so don,t worry friends i will tell you this game was made by gupta empire in 6th century . chess was called chaturanga at the time of gupta empire . what happens in this game two players play in it , each player has one king, two horses, two elephants and 8 soldier it mostly found in two colors , white and black the white player always start the game first.


fact about india ,amazing fact about india, unknown facts
fact about india

fact about india: Most vegetarians are found in India, it is because the culture of India, the people of India believe in God very much. This tradition is going on in India till date, but in today’s time some people have started eating meat, even in India, but still more than half of India’s population does not eat meat, it is vegetarian, even in old times India has green vegetables. But when we talk about western countries, it is not the case that most of the people eat meat only, but when I tell you the statistics of India’s being a vegetarian, then you will be stunned about 20 in India 33% remain vegetarian Some of the dishes of India are very famous all over the world like Rajma Rice Paneer Palak Malai Kofta Idli Dosa 


fact about india : Yoga means union of God with soul, there are many benefits of doing yoga, doing yoga reduces mental and physical stress. many diseases end with yoga, diseases like high blood pressure and sugar are cured by doing yoga. You must have also heard from movie stars many times that yoga is the reason for our beauty. The person who does yoga regularly does not get old early, the first mentioned of yoga is found in Rigveda, one of the 4 great Vedas of Hinduism. It is said that yoga was started by Lord Shiva for the first time, but the father of yoga is considered to be sage Patanjali, which means that yoga was started in India itself. Now in modern times the india give more importance for doing yog the state Uttarakhand, is at the forefront. Rishikesh is also called the city of Yoga.

Solar system

fact about india : Solar system must have occurred when they heard you surprised, but this is true of the solar system’s first consider Nicholas Copernicus who said that the sun is the center of the universe and all planets revolve around and then another Astronomer Galileo made such a telescope by which we came to know about the moon, Venus and other planets and also came to know about the galaxy. Now what I want to tell you, read carefully, in the religious texts of our India, the sages who were sages in the past 5000 years, they have given knowledge about nine planets and other such mysterious things like galaxy pole star,  But it is fully described in religious texts, which are being invented nowadays, they have been written in the texts before 5000 years.

Indian Railways

fact about india : India is a country with a large population, about 35 crore people live in Uttar Pradesh alone, which is almost equal to a country, due to the large population, poverty is also high in India, that is why most people do not travel much in airplanes. Rather, they travel more in the railways. Indian Railways is the life of India, it reaches millions of people every day for their work. The first train in India was run on April 16, 1853, which had traveled 34 km. The number of employees working in the Indian Railways is about 13 lakhs, which is very high, the length of the Indian Railways is 67 thousand kilometers. Indian railways is fourth larget railway in the world 

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